Coming up with an idea for your e-Course can be hard.

Figuring out whether it will sell is even harder.


So you want to leverage your time and energy by creating an e-Course?

Smart move, Boss Lady. (In fact, that’s the exact same decision that sparked my entire million dollar empire.)

But after 8 years of creating and launching e-Courses – and after guiding more than 1,000 students through the exact same process – there’s one thing I know for sure…


Every single e-Course I’ve ever launched has made a profit – even back when I only had 140 people on my list.

And do you know the primary thing that I attribute that success to? Picking the right concept in the first place.

Honing in on the right idea is essential. In fact, you could have the biggest email list, or the fanciest branding, or the heftiest ad budget in the world…

… But if you don’t start with a great concept, none of it matters. And your e-Course won’t sell.



So irresistible it practically sells itself

Smack-bang in your zone of expertise

The best way to avoid launching to *crickets*

Aligned with your brand, values and skillset

Tailored to your unique market and audience

Positioned to make the competition irrelevant

Scalable, and allows you to leverage your time, energy & impact

The most powerful (and profitable) asset your business can have

Your ticket to the lifestyle business of your dreams.

Of course, actually finding a profitable e-Course idea can feel like trying to find that one precious pearl in an ocean full of oysters… #NotEasy.

Which is why most aspiring e-Course-preneurs fall in to one of these three categories:

I really want to create an
But I don’t have any ideas!
I really want to create an
But I’ve got too many ideas to choose from!
I really want to create an
But I can’t tell whether my idea is any good!

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.
And no matter which category you fall into, I’ve got you covered…



The complete step-by-step system for finding your profitable e-Course concept.

The e-Course Idea Generator is a proven system to help you hone in on a profitable idea for your e-Course.

  • If you’ve got no ideas, it will help you brainstorm a bunch of viable options. (Like a shot of jet fuel for your creativity, it will get your juices flowing and your cogs cranking like nothing else.)
  • And if you’ve got too many ideas (Hello, Ms Multipassionate!), it will help you discern which one you should focus on.

But that’s just the start.

The true power of the e-Course Idea Generator is that it will also help you EVALUATE your idea for its profit potential – an essential step if you want to actually earn money from your e-Course.

After going through this system, you’ll have honed in on the perfect e-Course idea for you: One that plays to your strengths, that the market is itching for, that can make you money, and that is irresistible to your customers.

With the e-Course Idea Generator, you’ll get…

Workbooks, videos and guided meditations

Instant access

A complete step-by-step roadmap

Better yet, this system has proven results;
it works.

Proven to be profitable


Proven to be repeatable


This powerful program will help you take fast action – and get fast results.

It’s designed to propel you out of the stuckness and frustration of not having an idea – or of not knowing which idea to choose – in the swiftest, most focused, and most results-oriented way possible.

The e-Course Idea Generator will help you:

  • Steal my unique brainstorming techniques (that have enabled me to develop 8 successful e-Courses – and counting!)
  • Understand precisely what your audience is looking for (Hint: When you know how to ask the right questions, your audience will literally tell you what product to create and how to market it.) (Oh, and P.S. There’s a seriously cool variation on this strategy for people who have no audience yet.)
  • Discover how to leverage your existing skills and assets, a factor that is KEY to picking an idea that doesn’t leach the life out of you during the creation and delivery process.
  • Know what to do when someone else has already created an e-Course on the same topic. (Sometimes this is a big red flag, sometimes it’s a giant green light to go ahead. I’ll show you how to tell the difference.)
  • Manage the inevitable mindset issues and limiting beliefs and blocks that arise empowering you to charge ahead with your awesome idea
  • Use my signature ‘Profitable e-Course Profile’ to ensure that your idea hits the three essential benchmarks necessary for a profitable e-Course.
  • Select the right idea for the stage of business that you’re at. (Little known fact: the number of years you’ve been in business is a massive factor in what type of e-Course will be successful for you).
  • Refine your idea and take it to the next level (including the essential considerations that way too many new e-Course creators fail to take into account).
  • The final, all-important profitability test: the 2-step process that has allowed me to hone in on ONLY the ideas that will generate income.
  • Your next steps. You’ve honed in on your ideal profitable idea – then what? Here’s where you’ll discover what steps you need to take to actually bring your idea to life.
  • Plus so much more.

Basically, this program covers every single aspect of the ‘choosing an idea’ process – from idea generation to selection to evaluation – so that you can hone straight in on the e-Course concept that’s most profitable and most aligned with you and your business.

And why exactly am I qualified to teach about e-Courses?


I’ve been dubbed the ‘e-Course Queen’ – and for good reason!

Not too long ago, I was working in a high-flying job in the corporate world as a trainer and educator. It was a great job, but when my husband and I started our family, I realised that I needed a whole lot more freedom and flexibility in my work if I wanted to be the kind of mum I wanted to be… so I set out to create that reality for myself.

I started a business on the side, and went on to create, launch and deliver a series of successful e-Courses. In just over 12 months, I replaced my corporate income with six-figures earned from my own business – almost all of it through e-Courses.

From that point on, I was smitten! Knowing that I’d found my passion, I quit my corporate job for good, and threw myself heart and soul into creating genuinely valuable online programs for my growing tribe.

With all that amazing experience and expertise under my belt, I honed in on my true mission: helping other people launch their own successful e-Courses, so they too could create an abundant, freedom-based lifestyle for themselves.

And that’s exactly what I want to help YOU do with the e-Course Idea Generator.

As Seen In...

Melissa Ingold

Like Kathryn, I’ve created hundreds of digital programs over the years and I currently create 50+ new products every year through my two businesses – but sometimes, coming up with new fresh + fabulous ideas can be a real challenge. Which is why I bought the e-Course Idea Generator as soon as I heard about it! I especially loved the methods that she shared for how she does her brainstorming, which I implemented right away to start fleshing out my next program (and even my used it to build my followup email sequence too). Her guide also asks you just the right questions to help you dive deeper into pinning down your customer’s true needs. Plus, she even provides you with the exact survey questions you need to ask your people. This program is packed with value, so even if you’re already a frequent ecourse creator like I am, you’ll still walk away with some golden tidbits + resources you can apply to your own process. So worth the investment.

Melissa Ingold,


Kath is the ecourse queen, and hugely passionate about helping YOU transform that ‘lil kernel of an ecourse idea you’ve been nurturing into a thriving empire. This lady walks her talk and brings her signature attention to detail to everything she teaches. In a sea of dodgy imitators, Kath’s the real deal.

Dr Kate Byrne, Betty Means Business


Kathryn knows her stuff, She talks strategy and get it done now steps. The perfect combo for the creative looking for direction to make their ideas come to life.

Emma Hannan, Life with Mama e-Course

Sue Testimonial

The e-Course Idea Generator helped me pin down a great idea for my next course. I love Kathryn and this "taste" of her work was excellent.

Sue Dunlevie

Astrid EIG Testimonial

It is my first experience with Kathryn. And I was surprised about how thoughtful the idea generator is designed. On one side you have all the information in the text book. On the other side you go through the process with the well thought workbook. So step by step I gained new clarity and confidence for my ideas. And when I got stuck, the non woo woo meditations helped me to proceed. In the end I had a plan ready to go. Thank you.

Astrid Von Weittenhiller


The passion Kathryn has for helping other entrepreneurs develop e-Courses and take their business to the next level is infused into every page of copy and the attention to detail is second to none.

Kim Paxton, Pilates Instructor


Kathryn has really helped me to precisely plan and focus on what I can deliver as an e-Course. The content is designed in a coherent and logical way and really guides the user to develop their ideas and think about what they can deliver an e-Course on.

Kristy Goodwin,


It is so thorough, offers explanations and so many how-to’s that you are left confident in your own ability to turn your idea into passive income.

Aerlie Wildy,

When it comes to creating your e-Course, if you can start with the right idea, half the battle is already won.

You’ll be able to ditch the angst of ‘Are people going to buy this?’ You’ll never struggle to position or articulate your offer.

And you won’t have to worry if there’s a market for it or not.

Because when you’ve got the right idea?

You already know the answer to these questions.

And even better?

It’s the closest you can get to a product that practically sells itself.



The e-Course Idea Generator is the program that keeps on giving. Every single time you want to create an offering for your audience, you’ll be able to use this step-by-step system to hone in on the right idea.

And how much is the right idea worth?

Well to me, the ‘right idea’ has been worth over 1 million dollars and counting. That’s how much I’ve made from my signature e-Course (the idea for which was generated and selected using this exact system) not to mention hundreds of thousands of dollars from my other online programs (past and present).

If you don’t have a big audience, having the ‘right idea’ can be even more important, because you don’t have a sizeable list to leverage. The very first ‘right idea’ I honed in on and created a course around 5 years ago earned me $4,731 – with a list of only 140 people.

So the question is, how much could the right idea be worth to YOU?

At only $197, the e-Course Idea Generator can help you find and choose an idea that’s potentially worth hundreds of thousands of dollars – a truly impressive ROI by even the toughest standards.

And with the 30-day money-back guarantee, there’s no risk – you can buy now with complete confidence, and get started straight away.

The big idea you’ve been hoping for doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. And it doesn’t have to be something you just passively wait around for!

The truth is, the right idea is something that you can hone in on deliberately (no magic 8 ball or divine intervention required!) and this system will show you how.

I can’t wait to help walk you step-by-step to the e-Course idea of your dreams. See you inside!